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Following a lifelong passion in the protection of wildlife and the conservation of natural resources, M.N. Jayakumar has established himself as one of India’s leading nature photographers and one among the few forest officials to take up nature photography.

His photographs have been displayed across exhibitions in India, England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Australia, Scotland, USA and South Africa. Select images have also been published in leading newspapers, magazines and books of National and International repute.



Only 4 Indians had received FRPS and MFIAP for Nature photography and after a gap of 21 years in 2010, these twin-distinctions was awarded to an Indian and he was none other than Mr. M.N. Jayakumar.



M.N. Jayakumar’s dream to share his experience of almost four decades in the jungles of India through true stories and photographs has taken shape in the form of this coffee table book.

This 240 page book is adorned with over 200 sublime quality images in colour encompassing more than 100 species of animals shot across 20 National Parks and Sanctuaries spread all over India and Sri Lanka.

The book is peppered with many anecdotes in the wild which aim at transporting the reader to a completely different world, instigating a vicarious excitement which one can experience only in the jungles of the Indian Subcontinent.

One can find rare images of behavioral traits of mammals and birds like sibling rivalry, stalking, hunting, feeding, birds in breeding plumage, courtship etc. which will fascinate one and all.


A true wildlife photographer is one who is the eyes and ears of a million people who do not get the opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of wildlife. Hence this endeavor has a two-fold vision — Firstly to introduce the reader to the fascinating world of wildlife of our amazing country and Secondly to inculcate the spirit of conservation in one and all by imparting knowledge through this book.

Together, let us take joy in this effort.

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